“Man can seek inspiration anywhere he goes. All that matters is what he experiences from the journey on the way to his destination, and what he chooses to take away from that said journey. Inspiration is everywhere, You just have to go out and find it.”

As a man of few words, I pride myself on being able to capture some inspiration from anything I desire to seek it from. Flowers, dragons, nature in general…..couplets…emotions; it’s a never ending list. I’m no poet, but when I see something that makes my heart sing, like the sunrise…I tend to get…methodical with my speech. For example:


Soft petals flow across the drunken, murky night,

A splash of vibrant colors spreading across, so high and so bright.

Fragrant colors…mixing and matching, swirling and whirling,

Scarlets…Cosmos…Columbines…and all the others in between,

As I watched the Sunrise…

An energetic light entered my eyes.

-Bryan Ton

I ended up writing that specific poem from just thinking about the sunrise I watch every day after my daily workout and shower routine. It’s what gives me that ‘pick-me-up’ in the morning every single day. I just thought about it…now actually. The poem that is. I take inspiration from anything I can; whether it’s for a presentation, a specific task I have for the rest of the day, maybe someone I am inspired by…all I do is look around for inspiration, because that what my life revolves around. I look to my sister for the energy, the spark that I need to put a pep in my step. My dad for the perseverance I need to make it throughout the day without faltering…always moving. I look to my mom for punctuality, for the hard-working haze that enters my mind and helps me consume and adapt. They are my inspiration, my dedication, what I look forward to when I leave school.

Inspiration can do many things, but the most noteworthy that everyone should know is that it puts a pep in your step when you’re going to do something you feel you need to try your hardest on. It gives you a bright arrangement of optimism for your task ahead, and can make anyone feel as though they were on top of the world. A spark of inspiration can run as rampant as a storm if it is nurtured and allowed to grow…leading you to prosper from its results. The question is…

What is your inspiration?

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I found this a fantastic read. Something that brought me in and captivated my attention the entire time I read it.Art has many forms, and story telling is one of them. This has darker undertones to it, accompanied by a main suspenseful image. It is probably my favorite post on this blog, and I hope you all give it a try.


Walking down the dark street, I breath into my hands to try to warm them up. It was a chilly night and the breeze wasn’t helping much. I wanted to go home as soon as I can so I wouldn’t have to deal with this freezing cold weather any longer. Trying to hurry home as fast as I can, I hear something shuffling behind me. I pushed the sound away, thinking it was just the wind blowing trash away. But as the sound got closer and closer, I started to slightly panic. I pick up the speed and rounded the corner. The thing was still following me and I started to jog a little. Trying to prevent myself from getting attack at night I started to take corners left and right, trying to lose it. However it just kept following me.

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As I wander this endless sea…this unfathomable darkness, I wonder whether I will ever know my peace of mind. the one that I rightfully deserve for being abandoned to the depths by my…former shipmates…the ones that I ended. They abandoned me…and I weighed them down with the very same anchor they tried to murder me with…Forever wandering…always begging…pleading to be released from this cold, insatiable hell…Lost and Forgotten…

My Name Is Nautilus…And I Am The Diver…

I. The Wanderer of The Depths

As I have wandered these depths, I have fought many beings…things that should never be seen by any sane man. To a Titan like I? Child’s play. As I swing my anchor…the depths are charged by my sole desire to win…to must survive. As I wander these Depths…I ponder about the future, whether I will be free…or whether I will…drown under the pressure…

My Name Is Nautilus…And I am the Sea Titan.

II. Alone

Alone I wander…whether or not I find food at this time of day is inconsequential to my goal. Thankfully as a magical Titan, my need for food has apparently disappeared. I now hunger for something more appealing…something more…substantial. I seek a friend. It becomes lonely wandering the depths by one’s self. A sort of monotonous task that drains your energy quicker…than if you were with someone. I only wish that I was lucky enough to happen upon another being like myself…so that I won’t be…Alone.

My Name Is Nautilus…And I am Alone.

III. Friends?

Whilst wandering the Depths…I happen upon a small colony of people…merpeople. The last I heard they were extinct…then again I myself shouldn’t exist. I walk to the gates; Large, luminescent things that seem to change through a plethora of colours as I stare in a sort of…awe. Awe that these people are still alive, with such a regal appearance to their grounds. Do they need not to prepare for danger? Do they need not prepare for disaster? Enemies? Then I remember that feeling I got when I arrived, a sort of shudder flowed through me, and I realized that they have no need to do that, for they have magic. Similar to myself, they use this to hide. I realize now they need not to prepare to fight for they don’t need to. As I ponder…two beings come up to my leg, barely taller than my boot…small people they are. One is a short man-fish hybrid, holding a trident made of seastone, a rock with venomous properties…the other? A beautiful tidecaller evident from her staff, with a tail; she is the merperson here. They introduce themselves as Fizz and Nami, respectively. They float up and grab me by the hands; and lead me into their city…Atlantis. As I am dragged around, people stare. A giant constructed of Metal and Magic…sea magic. As we wander, people lighten up, they end up reverting to the happy area that I expect of this utopia…while Fizz and Nami lead me around, I realize that I feel a feeling within my steel breast of mine…a warm feeling. I realize now that…

My Name Is Nautilus, and I Am….happy?

IV. The Guardian Titan

As we wander around, they have the idea to introduce me to their parents…to introduce their new friend to their parents…the word makes me shudder in pure joy. I have found them…I have found my friends. As we near the castle, I realize that I don’t know them that much…I strike up a conversation. We find out each other’s favorite colour, food, and other things. I find myself truly enjoying being here. We reach the gates and the tell me to wait. The gates swing open. As they do, I revel in the sight of the grounds…a magical wonderland of coral and kelp await…sea creatures peacefully dwell within these. All in harmonius peace. As I look around, my friends come up with their parents. They introduce themselves…as co-rulers. Andromeda and Atlantica…Triton and Tyrius. I find them to be pleasant company. Truly pleasant…more warm feelings surge within my chest…as the day ends, and they offer me a room…ME. A room. I realize that I truly enjoy my time here. I accept. Days go by, weeks go by…oh how the time flies. The people here are truly…marvelous. They accept me for who I am…I’m popular with the children, as a sort of jungle gym with my stature…I get to a point where I want to wander…Nami and Fizz accompany me, whilst the people expect us back by mid-afternoon. As we wander, a kraken ambushes us. I stand in front of my friends…my family. Rage builds within me as I stare down this beast…this monster who dared to try and hit my family. I swing. The rock formations and the very ocean around us shudder. The monster is completely…and utterly…obliterated. They hug my leg…or my arm in Nami’s case…and they thank me. My family isn’t afraid of me I realize, and that’s when I knew…as we journeyed back from our short expedition…as we arrived at the gates…as they opened and the people spilled out…as Nami and Fizz told of my heroic fight against the kraken…as they praise me…cheer me…I truly and fully realize that now…I was not Nautilus the Wanderer of the Depths…

I Am Nautilus…And I Am The Guardian.

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.The Curtain Call.

As the curtain falls upon the world…I wonder whether or not my performance truly left a great impact…inspired awe…and held all of the grace that I did. Hear my symphony young one…and read my tale…our tale…the tale of A Stage master…A Musician…A Shadow…A Partner, Friend, Brother…and an Enthusiast like myself, but with different interests…

My name is Jhin, and I…am a Conductor

I. Murder

You will be made into my art…Your death, a symphony, a theatre of perfection…and all set into motion…my hand, of course, will be the…conductor of this piece. Step aside, musician, with your parlor tricks…Because, with dawn, the climax comes, and with it…your end as well…no hard feelings, My Dear…

For I am Jhin, the assassin.

II. Performance

Dance…dance my handsome performer, dance with all the grace and talent that I have bestowed upon you…puppet. Dance, before your strings are cut young one. Oh woe is you…a husk of your former self…well…no use in beating a dead horse…*Sighs* Oh how cry for release, my puppetand I suppose, on the edge of this canvas…I shall bring it to you. Old Friendyou have no need to fear… sad, lonely, only I was there for you young shadow… your father would be proud…I’ll end it for you now…

For I am Jhin, the merciful.

III. Death

With the pull of Whisper, I shall cement your fate…oh woe is me…for I believe this shall be your last performance,  and I shall take your stead as the main actor. So many things I can say about you my partner…I swearyour death…it shall be my greatest masterpiece…I promise you that. Goodnight, sweet prince…I wish you much luck on the other side, Partner…Friend…Brother

For I am Jhin…the Broken and Insane…

IV. Passion

Oh dear, quite the ruffian you are…oh well…perhaps it is your time for a Curtain Call…I’ll paint it red; with…a pink Anarchy symbol for you, you rebellious soul you… Trying to capture I, THE GREAT JHIN?!?!? Oh how brave you arehow foolish you are…to run into one such as I, Number IV…Vi…

For I am Jhin, the Ardent

V. The World

*Chuckles softly* …and so, my wonderful stage…my auditorium…my World is set. *Smells rose* Oh woe is me…my main cast has…quit…it seems that…I shall have to host some more…auditions. Sadly, I don’t think that I will ever find some as talented as them…but I could try, because my stage…IS THE GREATEST TRAGEDY THAT WILL EVER EXIST FOREVER!…For you, Vi…My Partner…Friend…Brother…my young prince…My dear Musician. Life is so uncouth, so messy, so heartbreaking… I showcase my art for two reasons… One is that I am a god amongst men, an artisan, merciful, broken and insanely Ardent Man…and the other? Well, the way I see it, death itself is a ticket out of this heartbreaking existence we find ourselves in…For Death is glory. Death is quiet. Death is peace. but…most of all


.”Death is my Stage…and this is my life…my name is Jhin, and I AM…The Virtuoso”.

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.Artistry is Key.

Life without art would be similar to a human being without his/her emotions. There would be no expression, no enthusiasm, no…spice to life. You would go around monotonously wandering, without exploring…without really being there. You would be similar to the shed skin of a snake; a husk without any real substance. That goes the same for life. Without art, life would be drab. We wouldn’t know decoration, we wouldn’t know calligraphy; hell, we wouldn’t even know which color complements which. We’d just accept a color at face value and move on, instead of exploring what we can do with that particular color…how we can make it pop and explode in people’s minds for years and years to come.

The eyes are the window to the soul, but they are also our windows to the outside world, where excitement awaits us, and there are always new things to discover.

Our expressions are based on what we see around us. As a child we learn through our experience, and as we get older, we learn more and more about our world. That is the beauty of life, as we take lessons away from most things. But most see art as just what it is, art. They take it at face value, and very few actually look past that face and see it from the eyes of the creator him/herself.

“A way to express yourself, art is a burst of passion, your way of screaming to the world about how proud you are of yourself, about how you are feeling at the moment, or if you just want to…make an explosion.” -.Myself.

Any artist worth his stuff knows how to read the emotions within the different types of art. Some have a happy tone with highlights of darker tint to them, while others have that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ vibe to them. My art consists of all of my emotion, and what I’m feeling like doing at the time. Lately I’ve been doing art that have themes to them, along with couplets that go with the theme. One of them is Love, and the couplet goes:

“Heart Struck By A Rose…

Only The Rose Knows Where My Heart Goes…”



A Recent Passion that has been introduced to my life, something I genuinely enjoy doing in my spare time as an artist.

 Art helps us think about things outside the box. We look at it from a different angle, search for the things that are hidden, and try to discover new and unused descriptions on how the artist was feeling at the time. Art is passion…Art is passion…Art itself is a wonder within itself, as it gives our lives meaning, and it gives the world a whole new meaning to itself. Art is my life…it makes up my being, whether that be the visual online worlds that are generated, the paintings on the wall of the Metropolitan, the art that I draw in my spare time…or the art that is music, sweet sounding, always soothing. Art is what I love to breathe in the morning. It’s just awesome to see what my fellow peers come up with in their spare time, and it shows me how much art can do for the world as a whole.

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Art Isn’t A Waste of Time

The song “Night” by Avicii is a song that I love because of how simple it is. I also love the introduction, because it tells a simple life lesson that all people should know. The song expresses m desire to leave a lasting image on this world without have to make a ton of cash for doing what I do.

Art is a way to freedom through expressing one’s self. It is a form of expression that has lasted since the beginning of man’s existence on Earth. A way to tell stories about oneself, with pictures and words, all while pouring in the emotions that are being felt by both you and others that are similar to you. The way you right is the way you act, behave, and go about everyday life. There are many, many different feelings and conditions that can be explained through art; and I’m not just talking about painting or sketching. These examples can also be through Dramatized plays like Shakespeare’s famous ‘Hamlet‘, which represent angst and revenge, ‘family’ movies like the famous film ‘Marley and Me’, which rip your soul out of your chest as you wallow in sadness, or even poems that are just about…anything really. For example, take this poem by a young lady named Laura R.


Here on my arm lies a mark that I made.
When I was so low I cut with a blade
To punish my body for being a mess,
Though here is my testament, I must confess…

That seeing these scars left on my arms, legs and chest
Makes me realize I was in a place of no rest;
I feel guilty inside for leaving this token.
Now I will see and remember that I was so broken.

But seeing these scars helps me see
That I survived so much trauma and now I am free;
So I ask of you now to stand with me and fight,
To show all these demons what they’re doing’s not right,

You won the battle of good versus bad.
You are still alive and are no longer sad;
Here on my arm lies a mark of survival,
I got through my hate and beat my self-rival.

Now, the poem itself is named “Scars” and is based off of the mental illness of Major Depression. This is what I’m talking about when I say that art can express different conditions. Not only did this help convey what Laura went through every day, but it also probably helped out others who were struggling with this particular mental ailment…yes, myself included. Talking a little bit about myself here, I struggle with a short stint of depression back in late November, it only lasted a month…but I felt empty.  to Worthless. Apathetic. It’s something that I wouldn’t want to wish on my worst enemy because all you really want do is crawl into a hole and die. No one wants that. Now imagine going through this faze for most; if not all of your life. That’s some pretty heavy stuff that’s pressuring you, Atlas. The reason I love my art is because it shows who am as a person.


Take this for Example, a portrait style photo of Saitama the main character from the hit anime     ‘One Punch Man’.

Diversity exists everywhere, from people to art. Here’s another example of poetry; but this time it deals with the feelings that come up when you are experiencing the fickle emotion that is love; which fits because Valentine’s Day is coming up and all of that jazz. This particular poem is written by James Pritsky.


Feelings tell the truth, they never lie
Feelings tell the truth between you and I
But what if they hide, they don’t come out
Then how will your feelings come about
Through signs, that’s kind of crazy
That’s like not working at it and being lazy
Through art, though picture would be grand
It doesn’t paint a full picture to understand
Through words, though you say them proud
The may not come across as being loud
So how do you release how you feel?
To make sure that someone knows that it’s real
You start at your stomach, where the butterflies roll
And that sends a message right to your soul.
From your soul, it moves through you blood
And it enters your heart like a flood.
From there, it sits in your heart, awaiting its fate
But you better release it soon, or it will be too late
So how do you let your feelings out? Look in your heart
It is there you will see that you should have looked there from the start.

The diversity of different poetry, music, and just art overall shows that Art is a way of life. It’s a way to Live. A way to both Express and Vent. It’s something that I love doing, and something that you should give a try when you get glad, mad, or sad.  Overall, the effects of art on the human psyche show that Art Isn’t A Waste Of Time

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A Heart to Heart: Bound In Chains.

Slavery is something that hits me hard. It’s nothing super personal; per-say, but it’s just the concept of the act that… disgusts me. It makes me sick. the way people manipulate others, its just…wrong. I hold myself as a person of both honor and integrity, (as well as a chronic procrastinator with a lot going on in family life), but you get my point…hopefully. There are standards that every (if not most) human being should fill out. Those are as follows:

1. Possession of morals and ethics.

Every human being should have some sort of sense that there is right and wrong in this world, both personally and societal. Obviously, there are a lot of gray, and that’s okay, because “I love the gray area between right and wrong.” The area offers so much leniency with decisions…but it also leads to bad people misusing it for their own deeds, like getting others to work for them for all of the wrong reasons. As the great former slave Frederick Douglass once said: “People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get.” After all, if you don’t work for what you have, then how do you really learn anything?

2. The concept of being a free person, and allowing others to have that same blessed right that you were born with. 

Now, I ain’t no holy man, I’m definately not a saint, and I’ve gotten into a couple of fights before (around 10; yeesh). But, one thing I love the most is being born with a sacred, and to me; downright holy aspect of life, is freedom. It’s something that should not be restricted unless you use it in a sick, or twisted way. It’s a right that stays with you until you misuse it, and a great example of this is our Constitution; yes the American one. Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness, yadda yadda yadda; you’ve heard the schtick before…hopefully. Back then, people talked about “Christian” values, and how they were blessed and stuff like that….they were hypocrites. Oh yeah; white people back then were Big. Fat. Hypocrites. Note that I say this with disgust, for I hate hypocrisy. “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” This is exactly what happened to escaped slaves way back when Pre-Civil War. They were forced to become criminals because they wanted to be treated like humans…tragic isn’t it?

3. Not enslaving other people, sicko.

Okay pal, chew on this. Imagine that you’re born alright, but…you are born into this dark realm of no chance or opportunity, lies, and beatings harsher than one would wish upon their greatest enemy. Imagine that the first words you hear are “Separate them.” The first thing you hear is your mother, crying out for you, as you are whisked away from her, and into the hands of another, older, woman. Fast forward 10 years, and you find yourself broken…a husk of a human. A young man/woman who has seemingly given up on life itself, and truly lives just for servitude to whoever you are loaned out to until you just…dieThat’s what being a slave is about, such a tragedy after all… There is no freedom or self-expression allowed in this deep, dark, disgusting hole called slavery…after all, “What, to the American Slave, is your 4th of July?” They don’t know the concept of freedom, so what is it to them? Another day off? A day where their owners and other white-folk make fun of them whilst they have their tea parties and gatherings and socials?

I truthfully don’t know what to expect anymore…after all, it’s not everyday you hear about modern slavery, when the media is filled with violence and tragedy, one becomes blind to looking around for some decent answers, and doesn’t uncover mysteries that should eally catch people’s interests. For instance, why is Global Slavery a profitable growth industry that is generating an estimated $150 billion a year in illicit profits? These are things that should not be allowed. We hear about people in the U.S. preaching about freedom, but other countries can’t preach like a Gospel group at a church about that…I mean, they can sing…oh yes they can, just keep this in mind;

“Slaves sing most when they are most unhappy.” – Frederick Douglass


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Notice Me Not

Sometimes, you notice the thing that lasts for a brief second, and that’s something really special. It’s a brief, but subtle explosion of curiosity that erupts within your head, and you want to find out more. To me, this one thing that I noticed was the song  “She Got Me Like-“ by Halvorsen. I found out the actual name of the song about a week after I heard it. I only listened to it for about 30 seconds, but the song itself was really peppy and fun; and it was just overall pleasant to listen to. It struck me as nice, that this song connected to me in such a way, because I don’t hear many remixes that do that to me. As a musical connoisseur, I love music in its entirety. What music represents, to me, is a sort of haven, It’s something that I can listen to for Centuries” and not get bored.

Noticing things is something that should come naturally. You don’t have to share it either, just observe. It’s a sort of zen when you observe…calming…interesting…thought-provokingthere’s something about noticing something that’s just special in its own right. There are plenty of things you can notice, and sometimes they can be subtly influencing you without you even knowing.

When you notice someone, you notice how they are doing, how they look, their posture, and how they hold themselves. When you notice a thing, you notice the colors, the way it moves, and the aura it gives off. When you notice a place, you notice the ambiance, the atmosphere, how it feels and how it looks; it may feel homey, or maybe a little classy. But the ability to notice small details, like that Santa Jalisco Taco Truck in LA, that’s something special. Noticing things is a way to connect with the outside world. It’s something that scratches your observational muscle, and gives you a small sense of…pride that comes with being one to notice small things. Obscurity is an art that many people take into account when they make their crafts, whether it is a restaurant, a hang out place like a cafe, or some sort of hole-in-the wall library, It’s a fine art that takes a lot of work to incorporate into anything really.

Overall, the art of noticing is something that you should both hone and treasure as something special to you.newport_shoreline_of_easton_bay_looking_south_from_cliffside_overlook_at_east_end_of_narragansett_ave

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How Am I?

“I’m okay. I’m fine. Everything’s going well. I’ll be fine.” Usually, that person is probably fine, and you should just go about your day. But, to people who have said those phrases over, and over, and over again…They mean something a lot more. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said one of those, or other similar statements, then maybe I really would feel okay. As a person who has gone through very…depressing times, mostly deaths of important family members, I know what it feels like. To be…defeated. Down in the dumps. Lonely. It sucks, and that’s okay. It’s supposed to be that way, after all, we’re only human, and we are frail. We can only take so much that’s thrown at us before we break. But, let it be known that you can always, always come back. You just have to find a way, and that’s okay. Take your time man, no one is rushing you…maybe the world is, but they aren’t the important ones. The ones you should look out for are your family and friends man. They should be the ones you are getting better for. They are the ones who are always there, and family doesn’t always have to be blood related. There’s a thing called adoption you know? Just…adopt them, act like they are your family. There are steps you can take to get out of your shell, here are some to use at your disposal.

  1. Never be afraid to ask for help.

I cant’t stress this enough. A lot of people go through pain because they aren’t willing to ask for help. It’s ok to ask, yeah? I mean, that was me when my great uncle died. He was extremely important to me, and I took everything he taught me to heart. Always treat women respectfully, be strong mentally and physically, be yourself; there’s nothing more important. One thing he told me was to ask for help, and I didn’t know why? Here was the man who was one of my idols, and he was the one who said to ask for help, and I asked “Why should I ?” He responds “Why shouldn’t you? There’s always room for advice, always room for improvement. Others can help you with that. Always ask for help if you need it. Promise?” And promise I did. It helped me out a lot to get where I am today. The reason you have people older than you (besides doing the dishes and such) is because they are there to look out for you. They are older, have more experience. Use that, and ask questions about things they know. Don’t close yourself off, it’s no fun being alone.

2. Always look ahead, never look back.

Now, you can take this advice in a different direction I’m taking it, but hear me out. This isn’t some forget everything bad that happened to you and move on, ok? You always remember things,that’s normal, just don’t push all it down and bottle it up. That ain’t healthy, it builds stress, and in turn that makes you more… well sad. But what you should do is build off of your mistakes, and create a stronger foundation to build off of even more. Keep in mind that you should look back; just don’t look back at all of the bad things, look back on the happy memories. It eases the pain, and lightens the mindset of the individual. Look ahead to your future, you have a lot to look forward to…embrace it.

3. Be yourself.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
— Oscar Wilde

I mentioned this briefly in the first piece of advice I gave, but just be yourself. With the internet, people will obviously seek to put you down. That’s just life in a nutshell. What you have to do is ignore them and focus on what’s important to you. It’s 100%, A-OK, to be a little weird. That’s understandable. Everyone is different, some groups of people are just a little less different than the other people in their clique, or whatever they call them these days. But being you, that’s how you express yourself man, it’s what makes….you, You. You are important. You are a human being. You have emotions, and are weird, and are just trying to be who you want to be. If you want to color your hair, that’s A-OK, go ahead, just don’t go too overboard. After all, there’s a very fine line between being yourself, and being stupid. What I mean by being yourself, is that you should…express yourself in a way you deem fit, but at the same time, is socially, morally, and ethically acceptable. Vandalizing houses and cars isn’t socially acceptable, but wall art, murals, stuff you see in San Fran or New York, that’s ok, just be…discreet about that type of stuff. Coloring your hair? That’s okay, just don’t go full rainbow mohawk unless you really want to, and if you really don’t care about what people think. Your body, your choices, your execution.

4. Relax and Just Vent.

“Taking a break. Been working solid for the last few hours, as opposed to working liquid, which is more drinkable. Can I pour you a glass of productivity?”
― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Do something man, it isn’t good to just sit around on your…butt, just wallowing in whatever sort of agony, or pain, or sadness, or whatever it is that you’re feeling. Go out and do something, relax a bit. Do something you love….just vent. Talk to your friends, family. Watch TV, watch a comedy you think is interesting. Laugh, try to enjoy yourself. Do things that interest you, draw, dance, fight, just do something that gets you…..excited. Something that gets you happy just thinking about it. For me that’s going home and cooking, eating my food, or playing with my friends, talking. Relax man, that 5-page essay can wait for a little bit. Don’t be so stressed man. If you are ever feeling down, maybe stress is the reason. It happens at times, don’t worry you’re normal. Stress is a natural part of life, but too much is unhealthy.

5. Have Fun.

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”
― Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

This is what the thing you are doing should be to you. It’s your life, your actions, your responsibility. Do with it what you will, but just remember to make it fun for yourself in some way. No matter what you’re doing, it’s important to keep that aspect of like within your grasp at all times. Once something gets drab or monotonous, you get tired of it. As you start to get into more complicated work, a little fun is like a breath of fresh air. Now, you could be like my parents and worry…worry…worry, but my mom knows how to have fun. She goes shopping. It’s her way of throwing off stress, and you should go and do something that helps you do that. I’m a gamer, and let me tell you something. People who game, they’re “nerds” or whatever people say these days. They’re lazy…useless…blah blah blah. I’ve heard this speal before, and let me tell you something; It’s not true. Look at me, I’m physically healthy, I work out, help my family, yet it’s my mom and dad who say this to me. Why? Why say something that they haven’t entirely checked out to see if it’s true or not? Older people do these things through tradition. It’s okay, I support you. Just be you, and have fun. Let nobody ruin it for you, because even the best have to relax at times.

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

– Dr. Seuss

Overall, these steps should guide you along your path to whatever destination you seek. Whether it be Success, or Fame. Maybe just Relaxation, or some sort of inner Peace. All of these should be attainable using these steps, and a little extra wit on your end. Be yourself, find your pathway to self-acceptance, and remember that it’s always important to relax a bit beforehand in order to do things. This is meant to be a guideline. Not a tour guide. I gave you a basic map, now you find your way. I wish you luck with your endeavors.


A picture of the bay in Vancouver, Canada

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The Art of Relaxation

Relaxation is something that a lot of people want/need; I should know. People get stressed or worked up about something, and they need to relieve themselves in some way. After all, it’s not a good thing to bottle in your stress. Take me for example, let’s say I get home from school or work, and I’m stressed. I’m tired, I just want to…relax. Chillax, go with the flow and simmer down….All of these are synonyms for relax.  They are all common phrases, but the question you may ask is: “How does one relax?” Relaxation itself is something that is reached, you reach it by doing things you love to do, or things that excite or interest you. Now you may ask, “Why excite? Isn’t that the exact opposite of relax?” Now, I understand that most people associate relaxation with the words calm, steady, and other words that follow that path. However, relaxation doesn’t have to be calm, because the point of relaxation is to release your tension, and the weight that settles onto your mind involving stress. For a guy like me, I have many things I love to do to relax. At times I do things a normal boy of my age (or around 16) would be doing, which is playing video games, watching tv, or reading….at least that’s what I think a normal boy of my age would be doing. Other times I find myself just aimlessly drawing whatever I want, cooking food that I find appetizing, or just exercising and keeping myself in shape. Out of these, I’d say three are what the common person’s definition of relaxation embodies. The other three are filled with thought, and some very minor strenuous labor, but I love and enjoy all of them, and that is what relaxes me.


This is a silhouette drawing of one of my favorite characters in a video game called League of Legends.

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