I found this a fantastic read. Something that brought me in and captivated my attention the entire time I read it.Art has many forms, and story telling is one of them. This has darker undertones to it, accompanied by a main suspenseful image. It is probably my favorite post on this blog, and I hope you all give it a try.


Walking down the dark street, I breath into my hands to try to warm them up. It was a chilly night and the breeze wasn’t helping much. I wanted to go home as soon as I can so I wouldn’t have to deal with this freezing cold weather any longer. Trying to hurry home as fast as I can, I hear something shuffling behind me. I pushed the sound away, thinking it was just the wind blowing trash away. But as the sound got closer and closer, I started to slightly panic. I pick up the speed and rounded the corner. The thing was still following me and I started to jog a little. Trying to prevent myself from getting attack at night I started to take corners left and right, trying to lose it. However it just kept following me.

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