“Man can seek inspiration anywhere he goes. All that matters is what he experiences from the journey on the way to his destination, and what he chooses to take away from that said journey. Inspiration is everywhere, You just have to go out and find it.”

As a man of few words, I pride myself on being able to capture some inspiration from anything I desire to seek it from. Flowers, dragons, nature in general…..couplets…emotions; it’s a never ending list. I’m no poet, but when I see something that makes my heart sing, like the sunrise…I tend to get…methodical with my speech. For example:


Soft petals flow across the drunken, murky night,

A splash of vibrant colors spreading across, so high and so bright.

Fragrant colors…mixing and matching, swirling and whirling,

Scarlets…Cosmos…Columbines…and all the others in between,

As I watched the Sunrise…

An energetic light entered my eyes.

-Bryan Ton

I ended up writing that specific poem from just thinking about the sunrise I watch every day after my daily workout and shower routine. It’s what gives me that ‘pick-me-up’ in the morning every single day. I just thought about it…now actually. The poem that is. I take inspiration from anything I can; whether it’s for a presentation, a specific task I have for the rest of the day, maybe someone I am inspired by…all I do is look around for inspiration, because that what my life revolves around. I look to my sister for the energy, the spark that I need to put a pep in my step. My dad for the perseverance I need to make it throughout the day without faltering…always moving. I look to my mom for punctuality, for the hard-working haze that enters my mind and helps me consume and adapt. They are my inspiration, my dedication, what I look forward to when I leave school.

Inspiration can do many things, but the most noteworthy that everyone should know is that it puts a pep in your step when you’re going to do something you feel you need to try your hardest on. It gives you a bright arrangement of optimism for your task ahead, and can make anyone feel as though they were on top of the world. A spark of inspiration can run as rampant as a storm if it is nurtured and allowed to grow…leading you to prosper from its results. The question is…

What is your inspiration?

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