As I wander this endless sea…this unfathomable darkness, I wonder whether I will ever know my peace of mind. the one that I rightfully deserve for being abandoned to the depths by my…former shipmates…the ones that I ended. They abandoned me…and I weighed them down with the very same anchor they tried to murder me with…Forever wandering…always begging…pleading to be released from this cold, insatiable hell…Lost and Forgotten…

My Name Is Nautilus…And I Am The Diver…

I. The Wanderer of The Depths

As I have wandered these depths, I have fought many beings…things that should never be seen by any sane man. To a Titan like I? Child’s play. As I swing my anchor…the depths are charged by my sole desire to win…to must survive. As I wander these Depths…I ponder about the future, whether I will be free…or whether I will…drown under the pressure…

My Name Is Nautilus…And I am the Sea Titan.

II. Alone

Alone I wander…whether or not I find food at this time of day is inconsequential to my goal. Thankfully as a magical Titan, my need for food has apparently disappeared. I now hunger for something more appealing…something more…substantial. I seek a friend. It becomes lonely wandering the depths by one’s self. A sort of monotonous task that drains your energy quicker…than if you were with someone. I only wish that I was lucky enough to happen upon another being like myself…so that I won’t be…Alone.

My Name Is Nautilus…And I am Alone.

III. Friends?

Whilst wandering the Depths…I happen upon a small colony of people…merpeople. The last I heard they were extinct…then again I myself shouldn’t exist. I walk to the gates; Large, luminescent things that seem to change through a plethora of colours as I stare in a sort of…awe. Awe that these people are still alive, with such a regal appearance to their grounds. Do they need not to prepare for danger? Do they need not prepare for disaster? Enemies? Then I remember that feeling I got when I arrived, a sort of shudder flowed through me, and I realized that they have no need to do that, for they have magic. Similar to myself, they use this to hide. I realize now they need not to prepare to fight for they don’t need to. As I ponder…two beings come up to my leg, barely taller than my boot…small people they are. One is a short man-fish hybrid, holding a trident made of seastone, a rock with venomous properties…the other? A beautiful tidecaller evident from her staff, with a tail; she is the merperson here. They introduce themselves as Fizz and Nami, respectively. They float up and grab me by the hands; and lead me into their city…Atlantis. As I am dragged around, people stare. A giant constructed of Metal and Magic…sea magic. As we wander, people lighten up, they end up reverting to the happy area that I expect of this utopia…while Fizz and Nami lead me around, I realize that I feel a feeling within my steel breast of mine…a warm feeling. I realize now that…

My Name Is Nautilus, and I Am….happy?

IV. The Guardian Titan

As we wander around, they have the idea to introduce me to their parents…to introduce their new friend to their parents…the word makes me shudder in pure joy. I have found them…I have found my friends. As we near the castle, I realize that I don’t know them that much…I strike up a conversation. We find out each other’s favorite colour, food, and other things. I find myself truly enjoying being here. We reach the gates and the tell me to wait. The gates swing open. As they do, I revel in the sight of the grounds…a magical wonderland of coral and kelp await…sea creatures peacefully dwell within these. All in harmonius peace. As I look around, my friends come up with their parents. They introduce themselves…as co-rulers. Andromeda and Atlantica…Triton and Tyrius. I find them to be pleasant company. Truly pleasant…more warm feelings surge within my chest…as the day ends, and they offer me a room…ME. A room. I realize that I truly enjoy my time here. I accept. Days go by, weeks go by…oh how the time flies. The people here are truly…marvelous. They accept me for who I am…I’m popular with the children, as a sort of jungle gym with my stature…I get to a point where I want to wander…Nami and Fizz accompany me, whilst the people expect us back by mid-afternoon. As we wander, a kraken ambushes us. I stand in front of my friends…my family. Rage builds within me as I stare down this beast…this monster who dared to try and hit my family. I swing. The rock formations and the very ocean around us shudder. The monster is completely…and utterly…obliterated. They hug my leg…or my arm in Nami’s case…and they thank me. My family isn’t afraid of me I realize, and that’s when I knew…as we journeyed back from our short expedition…as we arrived at the gates…as they opened and the people spilled out…as Nami and Fizz told of my heroic fight against the kraken…as they praise me…cheer me…I truly and fully realize that now…I was not Nautilus the Wanderer of the Depths…

I Am Nautilus…And I Am The Guardian.

#NautilusTheTitan #LeagueIsMyLife




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