Notice Me Not

Sometimes, you notice the thing that lasts for a brief second, and that’s something really special. It’s a brief, but subtle explosion of curiosity that erupts within your head, and you want to find out more. To me, this one thing that I noticed was the song  “She Got Me Like-“ by Halvorsen. I found out the actual name of the song about a week after I heard it. I only listened to it for about 30 seconds, but the song itself was really peppy and fun; and it was just overall pleasant to listen to. It struck me as nice, that this song connected to me in such a way, because I don’t hear many remixes that do that to me. As a musical connoisseur, I love music in its entirety. What music represents, to me, is a sort of haven, It’s something that I can listen to for Centuries” and not get bored.

Noticing things is something that should come naturally. You don’t have to share it either, just observe. It’s a sort of zen when you observe…calming…interesting…thought-provokingthere’s something about noticing something that’s just special in its own right. There are plenty of things you can notice, and sometimes they can be subtly influencing you without you even knowing.

When you notice someone, you notice how they are doing, how they look, their posture, and how they hold themselves. When you notice a thing, you notice the colors, the way it moves, and the aura it gives off. When you notice a place, you notice the ambiance, the atmosphere, how it feels and how it looks; it may feel homey, or maybe a little classy. But the ability to notice small details, like that Santa Jalisco Taco Truck in LA, that’s something special. Noticing things is a way to connect with the outside world. It’s something that scratches your observational muscle, and gives you a small sense of…pride that comes with being one to notice small things. Obscurity is an art that many people take into account when they make their crafts, whether it is a restaurant, a hang out place like a cafe, or some sort of hole-in-the wall library, It’s a fine art that takes a lot of work to incorporate into anything really.

Overall, the art of noticing is something that you should both hone and treasure as something special to you.newport_shoreline_of_easton_bay_looking_south_from_cliffside_overlook_at_east_end_of_narragansett_ave

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  1. tontonthegreat · December 13, 2015

    I used Anaphora


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