Art Isn’t A Waste of Time

The song “Night” by Avicii is a song that I love because of how simple it is. I also love the introduction, because it tells a simple life lesson that all people should know. The song expresses m desire to leave a lasting image on this world without have to make a ton of cash for doing what I do.

Art is a way to freedom through expressing one’s self. It is a form of expression that has lasted since the beginning of man’s existence on Earth. A way to tell stories about oneself, with pictures and words, all while pouring in the emotions that are being felt by both you and others that are similar to you. The way you right is the way you act, behave, and go about everyday life. There are many, many different feelings and conditions that can be explained through art; and I’m not just talking about painting or sketching. These examples can also be through Dramatized plays like Shakespeare’s famous ‘Hamlet‘, which represent angst and revenge, ‘family’ movies like the famous film ‘Marley and Me’, which rip your soul out of your chest as you wallow in sadness, or even poems that are just about…anything really. For example, take this poem by a young lady named Laura R.


Here on my arm lies a mark that I made.
When I was so low I cut with a blade
To punish my body for being a mess,
Though here is my testament, I must confess…

That seeing these scars left on my arms, legs and chest
Makes me realize I was in a place of no rest;
I feel guilty inside for leaving this token.
Now I will see and remember that I was so broken.

But seeing these scars helps me see
That I survived so much trauma and now I am free;
So I ask of you now to stand with me and fight,
To show all these demons what they’re doing’s not right,

You won the battle of good versus bad.
You are still alive and are no longer sad;
Here on my arm lies a mark of survival,
I got through my hate and beat my self-rival.

Now, the poem itself is named “Scars” and is based off of the mental illness of Major Depression. This is what I’m talking about when I say that art can express different conditions. Not only did this help convey what Laura went through every day, but it also probably helped out others who were struggling with this particular mental ailment…yes, myself included. Talking a little bit about myself here, I struggle with a short stint of depression back in late November, it only lasted a month…but I felt empty.  to Worthless. Apathetic. It’s something that I wouldn’t want to wish on my worst enemy because all you really want do is crawl into a hole and die. No one wants that. Now imagine going through this faze for most; if not all of your life. That’s some pretty heavy stuff that’s pressuring you, Atlas. The reason I love my art is because it shows who am as a person.


Take this for Example, a portrait style photo of Saitama the main character from the hit anime     ‘One Punch Man’.

Diversity exists everywhere, from people to art. Here’s another example of poetry; but this time it deals with the feelings that come up when you are experiencing the fickle emotion that is love; which fits because Valentine’s Day is coming up and all of that jazz. This particular poem is written by James Pritsky.


Feelings tell the truth, they never lie
Feelings tell the truth between you and I
But what if they hide, they don’t come out
Then how will your feelings come about
Through signs, that’s kind of crazy
That’s like not working at it and being lazy
Through art, though picture would be grand
It doesn’t paint a full picture to understand
Through words, though you say them proud
The may not come across as being loud
So how do you release how you feel?
To make sure that someone knows that it’s real
You start at your stomach, where the butterflies roll
And that sends a message right to your soul.
From your soul, it moves through you blood
And it enters your heart like a flood.
From there, it sits in your heart, awaiting its fate
But you better release it soon, or it will be too late
So how do you let your feelings out? Look in your heart
It is there you will see that you should have looked there from the start.

The diversity of different poetry, music, and just art overall shows that Art is a way of life. It’s a way to Live. A way to both Express and Vent. It’s something that I love doing, and something that you should give a try when you get glad, mad, or sad.  Overall, the effects of art on the human psyche show that Art Isn’t A Waste Of Time

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  1. skyrine · April 10, 2016

    Reblogged this on Skyrine and commented:
    I’m pretty sure that we’ve all doodled in class at least once in class when the teacher was droning on and on class about something that you are going to forget by the time class is over. But “art isn’t a waste of time”. It’s a very good way to express how you feel at the moment. This blog that my friend wrote explains that even though art comes in different forms, it all comes down to the same thing and that is expressing your inner emotions. Even though some may think that art is just something to pass time, this blog explains that its a way of life and something that everyone should give a try


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