The Art of Relaxation

Relaxation is something that a lot of people want/need; I should know. People get stressed or worked up about something, and they need to relieve themselves in some way. After all, it’s not a good thing to bottle in your stress. Take me for example, let’s say I get home from school or work, and I’m stressed. I’m tired, I just want to…relax. Chillax, go with the flow and simmer down….All of these are synonyms for relax.  They are all common phrases, but the question you may ask is: “How does one relax?” Relaxation itself is something that is reached, you reach it by doing things you love to do, or things that excite or interest you. Now you may ask, “Why excite? Isn’t that the exact opposite of relax?” Now, I understand that most people associate relaxation with the words calm, steady, and other words that follow that path. However, relaxation doesn’t have to be calm, because the point of relaxation is to release your tension, and the weight that settles onto your mind involving stress. For a guy like me, I have many things I love to do to relax. At times I do things a normal boy of my age (or around 16) would be doing, which is playing video games, watching tv, or reading….at least that’s what I think a normal boy of my age would be doing. Other times I find myself just aimlessly drawing whatever I want, cooking food that I find appetizing, or just exercising and keeping myself in shape. Out of these, I’d say three are what the common person’s definition of relaxation embodies. The other three are filled with thought, and some very minor strenuous labor, but I love and enjoy all of them, and that is what relaxes me.


This is a silhouette drawing of one of my favorite characters in a video game called League of Legends.

 Recomended Song For The Day:

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One comment

  1. poohbearshoney · January 22, 2016

    What I do too relax is play video games, also that’s cool that you can just start drawing aimlessly and that you can cook. I can’t so yea. I basically have to be told what to draw or else I’ll sit there staring at a blank piece of paper for who knows how long


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