.Artistry is Key.

Life without art would be similar to a human being without his/her emotions. There would be no expression, no enthusiasm, no…spice to life. You would go around monotonously wandering, without exploring…without really being there. You would be similar to the shed skin of a snake; a husk without any real substance. That goes the same for life. Without art, life would be drab. We wouldn’t know decoration, we wouldn’t know calligraphy; hell, we wouldn’t even know which color complements which. We’d just accept a color at face value and move on, instead of exploring what we can do with that particular color…how we can make it pop and explode in people’s minds for years and years to come.

The eyes are the window to the soul, but they are also our windows to the outside world, where excitement awaits us, and there are always new things to discover.

Our expressions are based on what we see around us. As a child we learn through our experience, and as we get older, we learn more and more about our world. That is the beauty of life, as we take lessons away from most things. But most see art as just what it is, art. They take it at face value, and very few actually look past that face and see it from the eyes of the creator him/herself.

“A way to express yourself, art is a burst of passion, your way of screaming to the world about how proud you are of yourself, about how you are feeling at the moment, or if you just want to…make an explosion.” -.Myself.

Any artist worth his stuff knows how to read the emotions within the different types of art. Some have a happy tone with highlights of darker tint to them, while others have that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ vibe to them. My art consists of all of my emotion, and what I’m feeling like doing at the time. Lately I’ve been doing art that have themes to them, along with couplets that go with the theme. One of them is Love, and the couplet goes:

“Heart Struck By A Rose…

Only The Rose Knows Where My Heart Goes…”



A Recent Passion that has been introduced to my life, something I genuinely enjoy doing in my spare time as an artist.

 Art helps us think about things outside the box. We look at it from a different angle, search for the things that are hidden, and try to discover new and unused descriptions on how the artist was feeling at the time. Art is passion…Art is passion…Art itself is a wonder within itself, as it gives our lives meaning, and it gives the world a whole new meaning to itself. Art is my life…it makes up my being, whether that be the visual online worlds that are generated, the paintings on the wall of the Metropolitan, the art that I draw in my spare time…or the art that is music, sweet sounding, always soothing. Art is what I love to breathe in the morning. It’s just awesome to see what my fellow peers come up with in their spare time, and it shows me how much art can do for the world as a whole.

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#ArtIsLife #ClassicalCleansesTheSoul


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